Zen kitchen portrait Reffen

Zen Kitchen

Chinese delights prepared and served by lovely Fujian-couple

At Zen Kitchen, the lovely couple Jianli and Hailing serve their favourite dishes from the great Chinese cuisine.

Both grew up in Fujian province in south-east China, where Jianli spent his childhood in his parents' restaurant, helping in the kitchen and eating every meal. So when his studies took him to Denmark, where he met Hailing, he brought a suitcase full of Chinese cooking skills.

In Denmark, Jianli and Hailing bonded over a shared love of their native cuisine, which quickly developed into a strong affection for each other.

Before the couple started chopping, steaming and braising at Reffen, they cooked wonders at a string of Asian restaurants in Copenhagen. Hailing can even add royal caterer to her CV - after all, she worked in a restaurant that catered for royal dinners for a number of years.