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Street food.



At Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food gastronomy and entrepreneurship, craft and culture, intimacy and community all come together. With 6000 m2 as a playground 50+ keen chefs and creative artisans share their great passion for food and craftmanship: The new entrepreneurs have their stall for three years while learning how to stand on their own feet and the street food venue has a multinational vibe with over 18 nationalities represented. At the same time, it’s a place where local Copenhageners take active part in the development of the area and weekly events bring both locals and foreign visitors together: They all gather to play bingo and quizzes, listen to talks and concerts, do workshops and much more.


Reffen must be a nesting box for new entrepreneurs, give Copenhagen back to the community and be a playground for entrepreneurs, creative artisans and the local heroes: In union we’ll develop the local food scene, new creative projects and overall the new part of Copenhagen that Refshaleøen is. And it will be done in consideration for climate, environment and man.


“Reduce and reuse” are the dogmas which we uphold at Reffen. All stall owners are carefully selected because of their skills, quality and concept and they have to work dedicated in accordance to the dogmas. In return they’ll have a cut in rent if they become certified with the Organic Cuisine Label. Furthermore, the main part of Reffen is built up from recycled materials and the stalls are actually old ship containers. At the same time, we are aware of reducing waste of food and energy consumption, we use sustainable cutlery and take on our social responsibilities.

Jesper Julian Møller

Jesper is the owner and founder of Reffen, and the man who really introduced street food for the Danes with the former Copenhagen Street Food – Paper Island.

Ruben Passer

Ruben is the CEO and captain who makes sure Reffen stays on course. Also he loves to stand behind a DJ desk and spread good vibes.

Vincent Dreier

Vincent is a commercial director and has control over sales, numbers and calculations. However, this doesn’t mean that he hasn’t got a very fine nose for gastronomy!

Frederik Schlütter

Frederik is the Event Manager at Reffen and he can take credit for the fact that the street food market is filled with colors, parties and good vibes!

We are always up for new exciting happenings and collaborations. Reach out if you have interesting ideas you want to share.