Smash burger Reffen

Smash Burgers

Exquisite L.A.-style smash burger with paper-thin patties full of umami flavour

At Smash Burgers, Asger & Sean create their exquisite L.A.-style smash burger. A smash burger is distinctive in that the ground meat is pressed into thin patties in a searing hot pan or grill, giving it a rich caramelised surface and deep umami flavour.

Asger & Sean double the patty and American cheese in their smash burger, which comes in a French brioche bun with thick pickles, finely chopped onions, and house dressing.

Both Sean and Asger have owned several food trucks, but when he tasted his first smash burger, it really clicked. It was the ultimate burger, and Asger decided he wanted to spread its flavourful bliss in companionship with Sean. They have travelled far and wide, tasted their way through plentiful burgers to develop the recipe for the ultimate smash burger.

It goes without saying, that they have put a lot of effort into developing and fine-tuning their smash burger, to which he is 100% loyal. That's why it's untouchable - a sure-fire winner that can't be tampered with.