Piola portrait reffen


Enjoy the Argentinian sandwich magic of the Campo sisters

In Piola, sisters Mercedes and Rosario Campo serve Argentinian sandwiches stuffed with all kinds of homemade goodness.

These are sumptuous and ridiculously tasty sandwich wonders that are eaten everywhere and for all occasions in Argentina and can satisfy even the hungriest gaucho.

Piola's sandwiches come in two versions: the Lomito is made with grilled beef or chicken, while the Milanesa is made with breaded and fried meats. Of course, the sisters also make vegetarian options.

Mercedes and Rosario grew up in the town of Salta in northern Argentina, where, according to them, this miracle sandwich was created by hungry immigrants with refined palates from Spain and Italy.

In other words, the authentic (and best tasting) version of the Argentinian sandwich comes from Salta, and it is this version that the Campo sisters serve at Reffen.