Mehmaan – taste of Pakistan portrait


Hearty and spicy Pakistani classics

At Mehmaan (‘guest’ in Urdu) Ali Sherin serves Pakistani classics like chicken karahi, gosht karahi and aloo palak. Dishes that according to Ali are not only his but the whole of Pakistan’s favourites and are served for every festive occasion in the great country.

Ali Sherin’s mission is not to innovate Pakistani cuisine, but to prepare authentic dishes made from scratch, where the recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

He was brought up in a family where every meal is a feast and where all the children have been encouraged to become independent entrepreneurs. Ali has been cooking since childhood and in the kitchen, he is in his right element. Therefore, it is a dream that has come true for him to run his own food stall at Reffen, where he can promote the spicy delights of Pakistani cuisine.