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Tigeroak (live) sunday jazz at Reffen

July 14th at 3 pm

Free Sunday jazz at Reffen. We're happy to invite you to the perfect Sunday with beautiful tones from Danish Tigeroak when they play a free Sunday concert at Reffen on July 14.

Tigeroak bridges the gap between accessible soft soul and experimental jazz energy. With their energetic grooves, melodic choruses and figurative lyricism, everyone is welcome. Behind the complex rhythms, intricate melodies and surprising electronic effects are producer and sound artist Laurits Steen Møberg and vocalist Anna Prinds. The duo released their debut album Living and Living in 2023, and in April 24' released the EP Stay Close, with 100blaa and April Records behind them. The new EP is a collage of hip-hop grooves from the London underground, 00s neo-soul and electronic futuristic landscapes, precisely combined with cool Nordic elegance, acoustic jazz and poetic lyricism.

Floating fairytale creatures from forest lakes meet yearning city dwellers from an apartment with big windows and rooftop views. Tigeroak recently won "Single of the Year" at DMA Jazz, and recently received 6 out of 6 stars for their concert at SPOT Festival this year. Their debut album was recorded at Abbey Road in London and the duo has traveled with their music to Beijing, Paris, Berlin and most recently New York. The Aarhus-based duo has visited the radio station P8 several times for interviews and concerts, as well as playing in DR's concert hall. We look forward to seeing you at Reffen on July 14 for free Sunday jazz with Tigeroak. The food stalls and bars will be open as always.