Beerwalk at Reffen

Social Food & Beer Walk

May 30th at 5 - 7 pm

Spring has finally sprung and with it comes the perfect opportunity to explore Copenhagen. Every Thursday in May, we'll visit a different area of the city and combine the experience with great beer and delicious food in good company. On Thursday, May 30, we visit Reffen Street Food, Northern Europe's largest street food market. 

Starting point: The container brewery, Reffen Brewery, at Reffen. Thursday starts with a Social Beer Walk, where we enjoy a delicious selection of great specialty beers from Anarkist Brewery and Nørrebro Bryghus. We'll bring a variety of delicious specialty beers from both breweries so you can sharpen your taste buds. And don't worry, there's plenty of beer to get your taste buds in the right place. 

After a Social Beer Walk, we're ready for the food part. Here you can choose from a variety of cuisines and delicious eateries. There's something for everyone and everyone can join in. You have more or less free choice on all shelves for what you want to eat while enjoying the atmosphere, the good company and the view of Copenhagen Harbor. 

It is also possible to choose the Social Beer Walk without the food part if you just want a nice beer walk through Reffen's area. However, if you buy it as a package, you get an extra good deal on the Social Beer Walk.

 If you have any questions regarding Social Food & Beer Walk, please contact 

Copenhagen Insight focuses on creating Social Tours where you can enjoy the atmosphere between a to b as much as you enjoy the stories at a and b. The tour is guided by Rasmus Poul Bodholdt from Copenhagen Insight and is organized in collaboration with Reffen - Copenhagen Street Food, Anarkist Brewery and Nørrebro Bryghus.