Distortion x Sounds of khemit

May 31st  - June 1st

Sounds of Khemit (Brooklyn) Showcase at Distortion Festival: An Enigmatic Journey through Deep and Melodic Rhythms Join us at the Distortion Festival for an inspiring evening at Werkstatt, where the Sounds of Khemit label presents a showcase celebrating the harmonious blend of diverse cultural influences and the vibrant rhythms of today's electronic music scene. This event promises not only a musical journey but an immersive dive into the depths of Deep House, Melodic House, and Indie Dance, showcasing artists celebrated for their profound sonic craftsmanship and emotional depth.

Featured Artists: 

Nhii: A stalwart of the Sounds of Khemit label, Nhii has not only founded the label but also enriched it with his releases that boast over 10 million streams on Spotify. His music narrates captivating tales through deep, hypnotic grooves and ethereal melodies, transporting audiences to transcendent dimensions. 

Lads: As contributors to the Sounds of Khemit catalog, Lads have made their mark with lush soundscapes and intricate harmonies that traverse the emotional landscape of electronic music. Their performances are profound, resonating with the souls of their audience. Solar Kings: Known for their vibrant beats and radiant rhythms, Solar Kings have released tracks on Sounds of Khemit that light up dance floors with a perfect amalgamation of indie dance vigor and melodic house charm. Set to be a cornerstone of the Distortion Festival, this showcase by Sounds of Khemit marries the mystical with the contemporary in a celebration of electronic music. Step into Werkstatt for an evening where deep rhythms and melodic explorations create unforgettable moments on the dance floor. 

Local support from: Pedro Marsans, Emma Sø, Fede Pals, Nicolas Petersen & Gerssein 

~ free entry until 22:30 ~
~ 80 DKK after 22:30 ~