3 days of design på Reffen
3 days of design på Reffen

3daysofdesign i Werkstatt

June 12th - 16th

Join us at Werkstatt for TRANSCENDENCE, an exhibition focused on materials and sustainability. Architect and curator Frederikke Aagard transforms the industrial hall into a dreamy space using natural and recycled materials, which will be reused post-exhibition. 

Explore the diverse world of materials through insightful installations and hands-on demonstrations. Discover the significance of materials in design and manufacturing as you immerse yourself in rich textures, sleek surfaces, and the translucent allure of biobased materials. 

TRANSCENDENCE brings together idealistic designers and craftsmen dedicated to impactful, sustainable design. Exhibitors include Anklang, Bill Amberg Studio, Cosentino, Daydreaming Objects, and more. 

During 3daysofdesign, our glass blowing studio, BLÆS, will open be open to present new works and offer hands-on glassblowing workshops as well. 

BLÆS, located inside Reffen street food market, is a glassblowing studio built from shipping containers. Here, traditional craft methods are mastered and developed to produce contemporary designs, unique works, and sculptural installations. The work by BLÆS merges design and nature, form and function, art and technology, reflecting the individual artistic approaches of glass designers Jette Noa Liv Bøge and Sally Xenia Christensen. 

Don't miss out this captivating journey into the endless possibilities of materials.