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Osteria Lamuri

Lamuri launches you straight towards the Venetian streets. There are no white tablecloths or burning candles, but you will feel the local atmosphere when visiting the dynamic duo Angela and Nicolas. Eating here will make you feel like one of the local Italians, that know what it takes to enjoy life. Angela and Nicolas are both born and raised in Bari, Italy – the sunniest region in the whole world. Their childhood memories of meals with the family, chaotic Sundays with an abundance of food, people, atmosphere and preparing foods with a pantry full of wonderful fresh vegetables, fantastic wines and delicious dishes. Food and wine are at the essence of their life – and the Italian kitchen symbolizes a paradise for food lovers. Lamuri means love in the Sicilian dialect – and that is exactly what Angela and Nicolas want to share with everyone around them. A love for the Italian feelings, flavours and smells that have followed them since their childhood.