A small corner of Italy: freshly made pasta cooked 'a la minute'

Danilo and Paolo are the duo behind PastaLab. Paolo grew up in Milano and Danilo in Sardinia – both of them have been working for more than two decades in the restaurant business in Italy, UK, and Denmark.

Paolo and Danilo started the adventure with PastaLab back in 2019 to introduce Reffens guests to their little corner of Italy. PastaLab is the place for pasta lovers to see and appreciate freshly made pasta ‘a la minute’ – just like their grandmother’s prepared it for the big family Sunday get-together. The recipe is simple – add a touch of love for good ingredients, the flavours from a childhood in Italy and the passion from the generations before that have also loved preparing food.

At PastaLab, you can try their freshly made pasta and be taken on a culinary road trip from North to South. Need your pasta to be extravagant? You can always add a touch of Italian truffle. Danilo & Paolo are looking forward to serving you real Italian treats here at Reffen.