Osteria Lamuri

Italian delicacies and loving vibes

Lamuri is all about Italian delights and loving vibes. It is run by Angela and Nicolas – two gourmands and entrepreneurial spirits who are both born and raised in Italy’s most appetizing region: the beautiful and sun-drenched Puglia.

They have worked in restaurants around Italy and Europe – including a Michelin-starred one. Nicolas is a trained chef, talented baker and dedicated pizzaiolo. So needless to say he is always on the hunt for the best tomato sauce, his doughs always ferment to perfection for exactly 96 hours, and his pizzas come with leopard spots on the cornicione (the crust). According to Angela, Nicolas’ pizzas are the best in the world!

Lamuri means love in the Sicilian dialect and it pretty much sums up everything about Angela and Nicolas.