Cheesy Dreams portræt

Cheesy dreams

A cheesy bite of the Alps in the heart of Copenhagen

Do you also love cheese? Then this is the right food stall for you. Cheesy Dreams specializes in cheese and serves – among other things – the best raclette in town. You simply cannot help but be mesmerized when the melted, orange-red cheese hits the boiled potatoes.

The bestseller on the menu, however, is their duck confit sandwich, consisting of duck confit, warm bread with a mild mustard mayo, salted red cabbage, arugula, all topped off with melted raclette cheese.

The chefs Leila and Mo find joy in the simple, clean meal and plays with richness, acidity, and texture. If food could give you a hug, that's exactly what their cheesy food does! So soft, creamy, and delicious that it spreads warmth from within and makes you completely comfortable.