Hats, Boots & Bourbon Pop-Up & Repair Shop

Hats, Boots & Bourbon

Erik Lohaven Persson is the owner of Hats, Boots & Bourbon – a shop on Istedgade in Copenhagen. The shop & bar combines his two passions – alcohol and accessories.

Hats are a vital part of Eriks uniform, and he is inspired by the fashion of the 1930’s where practically everyone wore a hat. With his concept, he wants to create a unique and inspiring shopping experience. Explore his selection of hats, caps, bags and clothes from famous brands such as Stetson, Borsalino, Kangol and lesser known Scandinavian brans such as Uncle Bright, Blue De Genes and Brixtol Textiles.

The shopping experience should be calming – so feel your shoulders melting down while the vinyls play disco and Motown, sip on some American bourbon and experience how your confidence gets a kick everytime you try a new hat.