Blæs glaspusteri på Reffen

Blæs Glass Studio

Handmade and unique glass art

The talented duo Jette Noa Liv Bøge and Sally Xenia have their own glassblowing workshop at Reffen, where they sell handmade and unique glass art in the form of beautiful vases, functional bowls, whimsical lamps, and much more.

The products are the result of both individual and collaborative work by the two glass designers. With their respective approaches to the craft, they both have extensive experience, including exhibited and award-winning works.

Sustainability and circular thinking are integral parts of BLÆS from the workshops, which are built from recycled materials to the process and design where they use leftover glass in many creations.

As a handmade product, each piece of glass bears its unique traces from the craft process, distinguishing it from mass-produced glassware - a long-lasting product that can be used and cherished for many years.