Enchanted Ataraxia

Luxurious pampering creations that will not only encourage you to get out of bed and into the shower, but additionally provide your soul with the healing powers of essential oils, your mind with wonderful stimulating scents and your body with natural ingredients that will leave your entirety ready to take on the world.

My concept is to create a quaint and idyllic sanctuary for all to enjoy. A place where organic oils are sun-infused with botanical goodies and my exquisite essential oil recipes are conjured up to create Enchanted Ataraxia’s cruelty-free skin loving treats.

Handcrafted Cold Process & French Hand Milled Body Soap Bars which are made with vegan butters (such as shea, mango, avocado, cocoa), clays and luxury oils are cured for six weeks – this allows for a long lasting bar of smooth, silky, creamy soap that leaves your skin delicately moisturised.

Preservative-Free Skin Care are created in micro batches to ensure all the magic and gorgeous ingredients retain their ‘sparkle’ when you bring them home.

All products are palm oil free and never tested on animals.

Unique. Freshly Crafted. One of a Kind.


Refshalevej 167
1432 København K

CVR 38440098


Send os en mail på info@reffen.dk

Presse: presse@juliangroup.dk


Mandag den 14. maj til og med torsdag den 17. maj:
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Barerne lukker kl. 22.00
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Reffen åbner officielt fredag den 18. maj med et brag af en fest, mere info vil følge på Reffens Facebookside.

Åbningstider fra og med fredag den 18. maj:
Madboderne har åbent fra kl. 11.00 – 21.00
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Barerne åbner fra kl. 10.00 og skænker sidste gang kl. 22.00


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