Reffen Coffee Roastery

Nordhavn Coffee Roasters (NCR) opens a coffee roasting house business, a shop and brewing bar at Reffen.

The space will be designed according to the various purposes: A coffee roasting house with a 6kg (13.3 lb) roller used in both production and demonstration; A shop where visitors can purchase the most recent equipment for coffee roasting; A coffee lab where edutainment events and workshop will be held; And last but not the least a mobile coffee bar and coffee carriages to accommodate the entire area with freshly brewed special coffee, Danish pastry and tasty treats.

Furthermore, the coffee lab gives coffee tastings regularly with the purpose of spreading the culture of special coffee. By sharing their knowledges and tastes, they wish to throw a bridge over the gap between the manufacturers and consumers.

We have a strong focus on sustainability across the entire supply chain from beans to cup.


Refshalevej 167A
1432 Copenhagen K
CVR 38440098

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Press Contact:
Pernille Grønning
+45 2283 0342

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Reffen is closed for the winter from December 17th 2018.

We can’t wait to kick off the new season next spring 2019!


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