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Guide: Eat your way through Europe

You don’t need to spend time or money traveling around Europe to taste the delicious euro-flavours. You can just jump on your bike, pedal through the city, and taste all the European foods from our food stalls.

In other words, it doesn’t get much easier than eating your way through Europe than at Reffen.


Nordic Hotdog

At Nordic Hotdog, you won’t get the standard classic Danish ‘hotter’. No, you’ll get a delicious gourmet hotdog with freshly baked bread, where no detail is left untouched.

All toppings are homemade – from remoulade and chocolate milk to the cold-pickled cucumbers.


Ibiza Bowls

When you think of Ibiza, you might think about glow sticks, strobe lights and dancing, but Ibiza is also synonym with a relaxed and organic hippie lifestyle. The food scene represents a broad variety of vegan and raw food eateries, just like Ibiza Bowls here at Reffen. Their concept started 9 years ago in Ibiza and you can have a taste of one of the dishes from their 100% plant based menu. Try one of their bowls with all the colours of the rainbow topped with soya nuggets or falafel. They believe that plant based is the future and want to actively reduce their carbon footprint where they can and inspire people to choose plant based.


Crepes a la carte

Who doesn’t like a fantastically delicious thin and soft French crepes? At Crepes a la Cart, they serve up crepes in a modern twist. The dough is made from scratch wrapped around beautiful fresh filling.

Try their savoury crepes with ham, mozzarella, tomato, spinach, parmesan og pesto.


At République your tastebuds will meet French bistro at its best. Thomas Skov is the man who will take you to a Parisian café. He prepares classic French dishes with a creative twist. You can look forward to trying his Steak Frites with bearnaise.

Cheesy Dreams

You have never fully been on a ski trip to France, if you haven’t tried Raclette. The French Alpine kitchen offers the semi-hard cow cheese with a stunning melting capabilities. Traditionally used for fondue or raclette, where it is melted and scraped over boiled potatoes. The word ‘racler’ in French means ’to scrape’ and that is exactly what Leila & Mo at Cheesy Dreams do. They are cheese experts and they serve theirs in a variety of dishes besides the classic raclette with melted cheese and boiled potatoes.


Fish and chips

Fish and chips consist of fried fish served with a lot of crispy French fries. The dish is originally from the UK and is a brilliant example of a culinary fusion as the two main compononents were introduced by immigrants.

At Fish & Chips, you can enjoy a homecooked meal with ingredients of high quality and made with lots of love.



Italy is known for their to die for pasta. At PastaLab, you’ll get homemade fresh pasta in true street food style with homemade rich sauces. Try their flavourful ravioli with spinach and ricotta.

Osteria Lamuri

Real Italian charm? You’ll find that at Osteria Lamuri. They serve up food from their childhood in Southern Italy, where generations across gathered around the joys of the table. Here, you’ll find Italian food that will make your body and soul happy. Besides homemade pizza, you can try their creamy straciatella with beef heart tomatoes and you can taste a bite of their homemade lasagne. Finally, you can test your tastebuds with a traditional delicacy – Trippa a la Romana. Tripe cooked in a rich tomato sauce.

White Rabbit

Pink, dreamy and bubbly – White Rabbit is such a sweet place where you would expect to bump into Alice in Wonderland and Wes Anderson having their ice cream and coffee.

On the menu are 12-13 organic ice creams that come in irresistible flavours ranging from cardamom and rhubarb to coconut and vanilla and are served in a cup, cone or home-made brioche.


The Real Greek

Greek vacation vibes and the taste of summer sun. At The Real Greek they serve up gyros to perfection. Their greek gyros consist of a flat bread with spiced meat, either pork, chicken or vegetarian topped with a creamy tzatziki. A heavenly meal and always a winner. Besides gyros, Theo and Lazarus make a fresh Greek salad of course with feta, sun kissed tomatoes, olives, cucumber and red onion.