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Guide: Asian food with lots of flavour

From spring rolls and dumplings to delicious strong curry dishes. We love Asian food.

If you also have a penchant for the great continent and their food, keep reading. We have listed all of Reffen’s Asian food stalls – which one will you choose?

Kaburi Sushi - Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine has become enormously popular in Denmark. And with good reason. Japanese dishes are typically light, not so fatty and nicely mild in taste.

At Kaburi Sushi they specialize in the art of making fresh sushi – which you can also eat with your eyes. You can also order their popular poke bowl with salmon. There is only one drawback. You risk becoming addicted.

Everest Nepalese Food – Nepalese Cuisine

Nepalese cuisine draws on several different Asian traditions, especially from India, China and Tibet. You will also discover this at Everest Nepalese Food. Here you can get everything from steamed dumplings and chicken noodle soup to steamed rise, vegetables, curry marinated chicken and lentil soup.

In other words, you get authentic, tasty Nepalese classics.

Holy Krapow - authentic Thai street food

At Holy Krapow, you can taste one of most popular street food dishes in Thailand: Pad Krapow. The dish consists of ground pork, rice, chili, garlic and holy basil. The holy basil is the absolute essential ingredient in the dish. And if you ask them about basil, you’ll quickly learn that Krapow or Thai Holy Basil is the best basil in the world. It’s peppery, spicy and very distinct and makes sure that their Pad Krapow hits the spot!

At Holy Krapow, Sofie serves her Pad Krapow with chicken, pork or vegetarian.