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Guide: Here are the vegetarian and vegan options at Reffen

Reffen abounds in delicious vegetarian and vegan choices. Get an overview of them alle here.

Reffen has 6000 m2 filled with different food trucks, so choosing what to eat can be difficult. But now we have made it a little easier for all of you vegetarians and vegans by making you a guide to the many, mouth-watering options.

V = vegetarian   Veg = vegan

Baobab (V, Veg)

Baobab makes delicious, original dishes from Africa. Taste their signature dish “Domodar”; a traditional Gambian peanut Butter stew with rice, cabbage, sweet potatoes and vegetables.

Everest (V, Veg)

At Everest Nepalese Food you get authentic, tasty Nepalese classics. Try their dumplings, noodle soup with vegetables or their hot lentil soup.

Maroc Maroc (V, Veg)

Maroc Maroc serves delicacies from the exquisite Moroccan cuisine. So, if you are into couscous, beetroot and chickpea salad and pirogues with vegetable fillings, you should stop by Maroc Maroc.

Crepes a la carte (V, Veg)

At Crepes a la Carte, the dough is made from scratch and the filling consists of fresh, delicious ingredients. Try their pancake with portobello mushrooms, mozzarella, spinach, tomato and green pesto.

Nomames (V, Veg)

Nomames makes classic, authentic Mexican street food. Taste their burrito with mushrooms, chipotle, black beans, guacamole and salat or classic nachos with guacamole and salsa.

Buddha Rolls (V, Veg)

The ultimate nutritious vegetarian buddha bowls & rolls. In Buddha Rolls, the Shafi family conjures up spring rolls and bowls that taste of all the best of Asia. The result is delicious rolls and colorful bowls full of plants and flavors.

Pastalab (V)

With Italian passion, you get homemade pasta and panzerotti in real street food style. If you haven’t tasted panzerotti yet, you should do it now at Pastalab; crispy fried bread filled with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

The Real Greek (V, Veg)

The Real Greek excel in the art of making great Greek gyros. Get satiated in halloumi, mushrooms, pittas, Greek salads and dressings – it feels like a sunny summer day on a white Greek beach.

Ramsløg.cph (V, Veg)

Ramsløg.cph are experts in making nice salad bowls and wraps with crunchy fresh ingredients and tasteful surprises. They also make some of the best fries – homemade and flipped in salt and herbs.

The Farm (V, Veg)

At The Farm, the menu consists of three different burgers, one of which is vegetarian. Add their delicious fries and refreshing lavender lemonade.

Tacos Pastor (Veg)

What’s better than munching on tacos full of fresh ingredients and bursting with the flavour of Mexico at Tacos PastorTacos Pastor

Holy Krapow (V, Veg)

Get a taste of the most popular dish in Thailand at Holy Krapow: Pad Krapow made in the vegetarian version with mushrooms, ground garlic, chili and holy basil served with rice and an egg on top.

Indian Bites (Veg)

At Indian Bites,you’ll find a selection of India’s best sweet and sour dishes in flavourful vegetarian options full of hearty filling and delicious spices

Awasana (Veg)

At Awasana, you can taste the traditional Afghan eggplant dish – The Borani Banjan is with fried eggplant and full of rich flavours from tomato, yoghurt and garlic that blend together perfectly.

Cheesy Dreams (V)

Try the popular dish from the Alps in a vegetarian version. At Cheesy Dreams, they serve up a raclette with delicious ooey gooey melted cheese, potatoes and pickled vegetables.

Osteria Lamuri (V)

Get vegetarian pizzas made with lots of love from Angela and Nicolas behind Osteria Lamuri. Nicolas is a pizza maestro – always on the hunt for the best tomato sauce and toppings. They also serve amazingly flavorful vegetarian lasagna with pesto and potato.

Kaburi Sushi (V, VG)

Joel Crisostomo Santos is an expert in the Japanese cuisine and especially in the art of making great food – which also is a sight for sore eyes. Joel also does a vegetarian rice bowl which is made with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Gosht (V)

At the Gosht – grilled eggplant is served on homemade Kurdish flatbread with a variety of accompaniments is highly addictive.

Ibiza Bowls (V)

Vegan burgers & wraps packed with all kinds of green goodies from Ibiza Bowls can also be found at Reffen and even visited in 2022 by none other than Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson. In a beautifully decorated food truck, you’ll find all the colors of the rainbow in one of the plant-based and colorful bowls from Ibiza Bowls