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Season opening 2024
  -  Season opening 2024
Reffen sæsonopning 2024

Kom til stor sæsonåbning den 22. marts

Vi har brugt de mørke måneder på at bygge, rykke rundt og planlægge den syvende Reffen-sæson, og sjældent har vi glædet os så meget til at byde jer alle velkommen.

Reffen sæsonåbning 2024

In the true spirit of Reffen, we’ve got tons of new and exciting treats in store for you this year.

Look forward to good times in new, lush oases, tasteful dishes from our new street food kitchens, freshly tapped beer from our very own brewery, and a music programme with sky-high ambitions.

Much is new, but the water views and unique Reffen atmosphere remain as we love them best.

In other words, there’s plenty to celebrate throughout the opening weekend.

We will be announcing the programme for the weekend – and the whole season – as we go along, so stay tuned.

See you on March 22.