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Bartenders, barristas & waiters

We are looking for happy, outgoing and fast paced people who LOVE to be in a dynamic and fun environment. We expect you to have experience from a similar position. You must be able to speak both Danish and English and be over 20 years old.

Working hours are changing throughout the week, and there will be many weekend shifts and late working hours – the season ends on 1 / 11-2019.

Waiters: We expect you to have experience from a similar position. You must thrive in a busy environment while finding things to do on slower days.

Bartenders & baristas: We have 7 bars and a coffee shop at Reffen – each with their own concept. It is therefore a plus if you have knowledge about wine, beer, cocktails or coffee.

Our team contributes with a high energy level, are out-going and service-minded and are there to create the perfect atmosphere for our guests to enjoy. We are not just a regular place of work, but a community and a family and we all show a personal interest in each other and Reffen.


Bar runners, Cleaning crew & Construction crew

The summer season at Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food located on Refshaleøen is moving with full speed ahead.

We are therefore looking for employees in various positions who want to be part of the informal and fun, but busy lives on Reffen with all that it entails. You must be an outgoing, energetic, independent person who always brings your best mood to work. If you are original, creative and love to meet people from all over the world it this might be a place for you.

Therefore, we are looking for new people to join our team in various positions:

Bar runners
Our 7 bars each have their own unique concept. We therefore expect you to have experience and knowledge about how to support and be there for the bar and it’s needs. Previous experience is a plus.


Cleaning crew
12.000m2 area needs care and sharp eyes to stay clean but you will always be part of a big team helping each other. You will be working among people having fun with great music and one of the best sunsets in town as your backdrop. Previous experienced is a plus.


Runners team leader
You will be the leader of the above two teams. This requires focus, control, and experience with juggling multiple tasks and people. Everything can happen with good vibes and a smile. Previous experience from festivals, conferences, large spaces is a must as well experience as a team leader.

Constructions crew
A big place like that needs repairs and some good hands to take care of it. We are always coming up with fun construction ideas to make Reffen be as unique and interesting from all angles. Your work will therefore consist of tasks such as building a terrace or a new bar or food stall to smaller things like painting furniture.


Applied to the above positions:
Must be able to understand and speak good English. Danish and/or any extra language is a plus. You must be at least 20 years as a cleaning/bar runner and 25 for the team leader or construction crew. Experience from similar positions.

Please feel free to send an email to with the title of the position you are seeking. For example: RUNNER POSITION. Enclose your CV and a few words about yourself.

Food Truck

We have no available food stalls at the moment.

Reffen is a playground for entrepreneurs, where chefs and artisans share their passion for food and craftsmanship. United, we’re developing the local food scene in Copenhagen with people who have a dream of starting their own business.