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Adrenaline junkies and horror enthusiasts - from 4-29 October, it's time for another Horror Drive Thru at Reffen!
With a whopping 40,000 visitors in October 2022, it was confirmed that Horror Drive Thru is at the top when it comes to the Danes' favourite horror adventure. We're going to celebrate by ramping up the horror and scare even further as we once again turn Reffen - Copenhagen Street Food into your worst nightmare!
What rasping and terrifying creatures await in the dark and narrow streets remains a mystery. Only the moment the car rolls into the cabinet of horrors is it revealed - and by then it's way too late to turn back!
Let's see how long you can tell the difference between reality and fantasy! Stop by Werkstatt for delicious food and drinks before and after your drive. Or grab some savoury treats to take along for the ride.
Horror Drive Thru

1 ticket = one car with up to 5 people!

The track is 1 kilometre long!

Soundtrack via FM signal!

Drive your own car or ShareNow!

25 actors! or '25 raving creatures'

Rolled down windows and unlocked doors are an invitation!

Tickets, this year's teaser and further information can be found at