Can I park my car at Reffen?

Yes, there are plenty of parking spaces at Reffen. Remember to check out the signs for the parking regulations. There are no marked handicap parking spaces.

Can I bring my dog to Reffen?

Yes, you may bring your dog to Reffen as long as it is on a leash.

Can I buy gift certificates for Reffen?

Yes, you can buy gift certificates in the bar called Refbar. The gift certificate can be used in all stalls and bars at Reffen.

Can I book a table?

Yes, you can book for a minimum of 5 people right here. We have plenty of seating near the water, on the terraces and in corners and hooks.  Since all the booked tables are on the same terrace, we will – when you are less than 5 people – urge you to sit where you want, without being bound of a table reservation. When you are a party of 5 people or more, finding a place to sit together may be challenging, so booking a table may be a good idea.

Book a table

Where should I go when I have a table reservation?

Please go to the bar called Refbar. It is the long black bar in the part of Reffen furthest from the water. Find the bar marked on the Food Map at Reffen.

Where can I find information about events at Reffen?

Stay tuned for events and happenings at Reffen on our Facebook-page.


Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No no no, Reffen doesn’t work like that. Support our vendors, who are self-employed, and enjoy a delicious meal from one of them. Beverages can be bought in one of our bars, which offers a large selection of soft drinks, water, beer, wine and drinks.

Can I apply for a stall?

There are currently no vacant stalls at Reffen. Keep an eye on our website and on Facebook where we will announce if we are looking for new stalls.

Can I see a menu?

Yes, you’ll find it right here.


What are the opening hours?

You will find opening hours here.

Opening hours

How do I get to Reffen?

Many roads lead to Reffen. You can take the bike, bus 9A, port bus 991/992, hop on-hop off boats and buses or even your car. Read more about your transport options here.

Transport to Reffen