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Halloween Drag show and horror nightclub!
  -  Halloween Drag show and horror nightclub!
Werkstatt 167

CPH Drag Booking, Werkstatt and Reffen Presents:

Halloween Drag show and horror nightclub!

Hello, hello, hello! Are you ready for the fiercest and craziest Halloween party?
We are starting the night out with a fierce, drag show with some amazing drag performers!
And after the show we are going crazy and making Werkstatt a power horror house of a nightclub!
When the drag show ends the night is just starting! We have an amazing performer Who will do something crazy and out of this world! So, when the drag show ends, the night is just beginning!
We are also having a costume contest, where you can win some exciting prices!
Halloween Drag show and horror nightclub will be a paid event, but honey the tickets ARE CHEAP!!!
Tickets are 99 DKK.
🎟️ Get them here:
All of this will take place at Werkstatt at Reffen. The doors open at 8 PM with DJ set and
nightclub vibes. After the Drag show we are tuning the fierceness all the way up!
The hostess of the Halloween Drag show and horror nightclub will be the amazing and talented: ION
The fierce performers are:
– Kacey Jayne
– Denise Delight
– Philipina
The amazing Ylva will be showcasing her amazing talents all night! DJ of the night will be DJ Mars!
Line-up can change in case of unforeseen obstacles.
Sooo… here’s the plan for the night:
– 8 PM: Club opening
– 9 PM: Halloween drag show
– 10:30 PM. Nightclub goes off!
This night is presented by Werkstatt, Reffen and CPH Drag Booking.
We will be bringing everything we have in our books! We are ready to have a banger of a night! This will be one crazy night you don’t want to miss.
Werkstatt is located at Refshalevej 167A 1432 Copenhagen.