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Let’s say au revoir to the summer with one last shebang for the season – all weekend long. Enjoy the final rays of sun, grab your last bite of street food and grab your friends for a dance in the sand to music from our local heroes & DJ besties.



Tegnefilms Trioen (live) + Klub Werkstatt
// September 22nd

Drop by and take in the blissful Balearic who evokes gentle waves and makes the late summer sun shine. Grab your beloved Minnie Mouse by the arm and have a dance to Tegnefilms Trioen’s exuberant and jazzy interpretations of musical cartoon hits. Keep the dancing going at Klub Werkstatt, where resident besties play high-octane b2bs into the late hours.

Dale Smiths (Live) + Bølgen
// September 23rd     

Bop your heads to the always well-tempered Dale Smiths & Friends’ sharply swinging blues that goes straight to the heart and soul, before Bølgen’s legendary DJs take over and create a party in Werkstatt that will move your dancing legs. Bølgen at Werkstatt will be an emotional, pulsating and in any and all ways – a completely extravagant evening and night, where we all fall deeply in love with the music, the dance floor and each other. All in all an absolutely magical ‘grand final’ to a wonderful season of dancing in the old engine workshop. We’ll be plenty attending, so show up early… and dance until late.