After 4 amazing years, the team behind Copenhagen Street Food has decided to say goodbye to PapirØen and they now launch a larger and wilder project on Refshaløen. With the watchword “Hack the Future” in mind, the team will create a new playground with focus on sustainable food, craftsmanship and culture – a place where the people of Copenhagen are invited to take part in the development.

In total Reffen will have 54 start-ups in the form of food stalls, bars and creative workshops that altogether covers 6000 m² and they will all follow the dogmas “Reduce and Reuse”. In addition to that Reffen has access to the shared space called “Minefeltet” (the Minefield) of 4000 m where the stall holders and Copenhageners can display their creativity.


The stall holders have been carefully selected based on their skills, quality and concept – they have all have taken part in a casting, where both the team behind Reffen and a panel of volunteers have judged the food. Furthermore, the applicant’s concepts have to live up to the dogmas Reduce and Reuse, which set the course for Reffen’s sustainable profile. In addition to that, the stall holders will get a reduction of their rent in line with becoming certified with the Organic Cuisine Label. Also the stall holders will have to sign a manifesto with the dogmas to show their dedication to the sustainable profile:

  • We encourage to choose environmentally friendly materials
  • We encourage to work with recycling
  • We encourage to sort out waste
  • We encourage to use electricity with consideration
  • We encourage to work with ecology
  • We  encourage to act social responsible


In addition to the initiators of Copenhagen Street Food at PapirØen the team behind the new project at Refshaleøen counts approximately 100 employees, that over the past 4 years have provided services to and created memorable experiences for all the local and international guests.

Jesper Møller, owner
Jesper Møller owns the Julian Group which among others is the founder of several food markets: Copenhagen Street Food, Broens Gadekøkken and Storms Pakhus – Odense Street Food, and also owns the Restaurant Toldboden. Jesper Møller is a trained chef and has been a restaurant-keeper for 20 years. Furthermore, he holds a farm, Juliangaard, in Gilleleje which produces greenery for Julian Groups’ eateries – according to harvest and season. In 2016 he received the Danish Gastronomic Academy diploma for creating Copenhagen Street Food.

Christoffer Weber, Managing Director
Christoffer Weber has 10 years of experience as chief executive and has had the primary responsibility for Langelandsfestivalen. Most recently Christoffer Weber has been at head of creating Storms Pakhus; the first street food market in Odense.

Dan Husted, Creative Director
Dan Husted is co-founder of Copenhagen Street Food at Papirøen and also co-creator of a wide variety of wine bars and restaurants in Copenhagen over the past 15 years – among these Paté Paté in Kødbyen.

Ruben Passer, Director
Ruben Passer has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to optimizing businesses and managing different chains; such as retail, convenience, fast food, i.a. at 7-Eleven, Shell, Sushitarian, Diesel and Bestseller.


Reffen is an area in Copenhagen of 10,000m2 where the guest will have all sorts of different gastronomic and creative experiences; from amateur works of art to acknowledged artists, performances for simple and folksy street food, and the enjoyment of the green in a city garden. Reffen exists of three areas:

MARKEDSPLADSEN / The Market Square
The Market is an outdoor space of 4000m2 with 70 street food containers, bars, food bikes and creative workshops. They all have their own on site production, exhibition and sale and are all driven by talented and creative fiery souls.

MINEFELTET / The Minefield
The Minefield is an outdoor space of 5000m2 for events and cultural experiences, and is also a chill out area with deck chairs and a view over the sea.

MASKINVÆRKSTEDET / The Engineering Shop
The Engineering Shop is a hall of 1000m2 with established kitchens. The hall is expected to open in 2019 and has a capacity of 1150 guests and also an outdoor terrace in the sun the entire day.


The founder of Reffen, Jesper Møller cultivates his own organic vegetables at Juliangaard, which he weekly delivers to the the Street Food Kitchens at Reffen. Juliangaard is located in Smidstrup and the farm brings a wide selection of fresh and season-based commodities. The purpose of this collaboration between the founder and the kitchens, is to fulfill Reffens vision to become the first Street Food Market that is self-sufficient.